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Poised as the pioneer in the sports industry,  ALKA12™ brings you a new trendy yet powerful new form of sport nutrition as the purest and most natural magnesium gel and sea-brine oil on earth. A pure concentrate mineral that makes you limitless, committed to boosting wellness, power, energy and a faster recovery.

Founded in 2017 in Hong Kong by a group of friends, trail-runners, athletes and sports enthusiasts passionate about life and with the desire to experience it in top form. Highly energetic, hard working and health conscious.

ALKA12™ support you in your quest for personal best.  Whether on the road traveling and conquering the world, building our businesses, running uphill or pushing ourselves doing a boot camp, we aim to always surpass our own expectations. Believe, keep going, keep running and never give up.


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back to basics


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Long ago we used to live under the stars, hunt for our food, run in the wild. We breathed unpolluted air and drank clean water. Centuries later, our lifestyles have drastically changed yet bodies have not evolved. Our modern living hight in stress, anxiety, electromagnetic exposure, pollution and processed food depletes our magnesium reserves faster than ever in human history, leaving us chronically fatigued, stressed and prone to insomnia. Now we spend our time sitting all day in the office, running on rush-hours and continuously online.

It's time to get back to basics and rebuild our CORE. The evolution of sport is here with the phenomena of Trail-Running races, Boot-Camps, Cross-Fit, Spartan Races and more. With the rise of the men's and women's new attitude about health and wellbeing, fitness and yoga centers are opening daily across the globe. Health conscious has become a priority and we are collectively demanding more. 

ALKA12™ supports our goals and challenges by helping to boost our overall wellness, get more power, regain our energy and recover faster.


sport nutrition


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ALKA12™ brings you the purest and natural Magnesium Gel & SeaBrine Oil on Earth. A pure concentrate mineral that makes you limitless and to apply directly to the skin where it gets absorbed, committed to boosting wellness, power, energy for life and a faster recovery.

A transdermal magnesium absorption deliver an instant and immediate effects as it is able to reach the problematic tissues and cells. Magnesium is delivered with optimal absorption directly into the skin tissue, helps with instant cellular uptake of oxygen, effectively feeding muscles with energy and allowing them to recover quickly and naturally. A powerful new form of sport nutrition to be more effective than any pills. Such characteristic has become a new popular form of medicine, as they do not upset the stomach or other organs in the body. Magnesium is a life essential along with water and oxygen, one of the most necessary mineral for sports nutrition and proper functioning under high exertion during sports. It plays a fundamental role in optimal muscle contraction, skeletal strength and energy production helping to maintain proper oxygenation of muscle tissues necessary for athletic performance.


Regain control of your energy. Wake up refreshed ready to take on your day. Magnesium works on a cellular level to give your cells the energy to function at their best. Over 600 enzymatic processes in our bodies depend on magnesium. Replenish your magnesium levels to keep energized throughout the day.


We work hard, train hard, and play hard. Stress and over exertion drain our bodies of the necessary magnesium. Deliver pure magnesium back into your body when you need it the most. Magnesium aids in circulation helping your blood bring oxygen to your muscles, organs and your brain keeping you highly resilient. 


Power to be whoever you want. No limits. Magnesium helps you to ignite the challenger inside yourself. Break your own records. Reach the next level of success. Magnesium supports your body's ability to expel toxins, absorb vital nutrients, improving digestion, bone strength and heart function. Own your strength and your age!

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We are a group of friends, always on the go from Hong Kong, New York to Paris, balancing our busy careers and our passion for sport. We were looking for healthy ways to stay energetic, ready for any competition, recover faster from any injuries and races, always staying ahead and alert both physically and mentally. Even on days when tiredness catches up with us, jet-lag is unbeatable, exhaustion sets in and we need an extra boost to maintain our equilibrium. We wanted something that would re-vitalize our body and not just a quick fix.

We searched beyond the regular energy drinks, or yet another "miracle" supplement. We were on a mission to uncover a deeper, more abundant solution and our search brought us to discover a natural element, a mineral. The search for the Holy Grail began early in 2016 and lead us to a small town in the Netherlands. We discovered Zechstein Sea, the purest natural source of Magnesium Chloride. Since then, all of us have been using pure magnesium gel and oil by massaging it straight into the skin and the results are phenomenal. The demand was ON and we decided to share our discovery with everyone and particularly with other athletes around the world. In 2017 the idea was transformed into reality and ALKA12™ was born. Poised as the pioneer in the Sports industry, ALKA12™ brings to the market the purest and natural magnesium products committed to boosting wellness, power and energy for LIFE. The beginning of this new venture start up with the launch of a magnesium sport massage gel and then new formula follows with magnesium SeaBrine Oil, essential oils and aromatherapy.

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